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Origami Heart

Hey guys! Valentine’s day is just less than a fortnight away, and rather than spending exorbitant time and money on gifts for all your loved ones, check out this simple origami heart tutorial! Make a whole bunch of these with pretty patterned paper, add a cute note inside and you’re good to go!

Here’s how:

  1. Using a square piece of paper (go crazy with patterns and colours!) fold on both diagonals to make a cross. Unfold.
  2. Fold the bottom corner upwards to the center
  3. Fold the opposite corner to the top. Layer this below the first corner from Step 2.
  4. Fold each side upwards, in a V shape.
  5. Flip the heart over and fold over the 4 little triangles to complete your heart

    Optional: If you wish, you can choose to glue down the sides, and/or inscribe a little message

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial- once you get the hang of it, it only takes a minute to make- Happy Valentine’s day <3

*note: the pictures do not belong to us, please don’t delete the text- thank you! :)

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SexIsBest1x1 compiles some information and passes it off as her own: Vol. 1 - Astrology.

Below you will find a quick reference guide to the astrological signs, including personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, Fears, etc… Astrology is great for getting a character started, especially when it comes to birth dates and basic characteristics but is not an exact science so not all traits have to apply.

All material has been taken from sources found through Google, namely Astrolocherry and What’s Your Sign. To learn more about Sister Signs and compatibility between signs, go here.

♈ Aries - The Ram Born between: March 21 - April 19

Archetypes: The Pioneer, The Explorer, The Combatant, The Freedom Fighter, The Defender, The Rescuer, The Worthy Opponent, The Dare Devil, The Adventurer, The New Born
Positive:  Passionate, bright, stimulating, ever-changing, loyal, intense, youthful, idealistic, positive, risk takers, straight forward, excitable, outgoing
Negative: Argumentative, ego-centric, hyper competitive, self serving, impulsive, impatient, temperamental
Fears: Others will see them emotional/vulnerable/in need of love/reassurance, That they do not feel fear
When Mad:  Volatile/impulsive/confrontational/aggressive/impatient/nervous/hyperactive, egocentric, temper tantrums, quickest to calm down
When Sad: Angry/impulsive, oppositional but with less energy
When Happy:  Less controlling/impulsive/confrontational, more affectionate/idealistic/imaginative, reduced outburst, better sleeping patterns
When Nervous:  Hyperactive/impulsive/reckless/hostile, rapid speech, over thinking, displays vulnerability/need for reassurance, frustrated/confrontational, unable to multitask, headaches
In Love:  See the world through rose covered glasses, become romantics although are embarrassed of this, demand their freedom but are prone to jealousy
With Money: Impulsive buyers, Spendthrifts, Often in debt
Sister Sign: Libra

♉ Taurus - The Bull Born between: April 20 - May 20

Archetypes: The Nature Spirit, The Musician, The Silent One, The Object of Passion, The Owner, The Temptress, The Artist, The Creator, The Banker, The Designer
Positive:  Secure, warm, romantic, dependable, affectionate, established, assertive, durable, detail oriented, sensual, observant, realistic
Negative: Materialistic, greedy, dominant, controlling, procrastinator
Fears: A worst case scenario has happened to someone they care about, That they are boring
When Mad:  Confrontational/anxious, verbally aggressive, overwhelmed by feels of rage, vindictive thoughts, compulsive behavior, rake longest to calm down
When Sad:  Lethargic/isolated, binge eat, easily enraged
When Happy:  Less indulgent behavior , more endurance/patience/driven/affectionate, comfortable with emotions, requires less materialism to be content, balanced enjoyment of work and pleasure, able to let go of the past
When Nervous:  Reserved/silent, compulsive behaviors, binge eating, inability to think, anxiety comes in waves and can be sustained for long periods of time, sore throats
In Love:  Mix of sentimentality and toughness, intense feelings of love that must be earned, they do not give away their hearts easily, although they remain composed they enjoy showing their love through physical evidence
With Money: Frugal, Savers and Investors, More Money = More Security
Sister Sign: Scorpio

♊ Gemini - The Twins Born between: May 21 - June 20

Archetypes: The Student, The Storyteller, The Gypsy, The Wander, The Journalist, The Trickster, The Comedian, The Child, The Writer, The Teacher, The Messenger
Positive:  Intellectual, adventurous, free, stimulating, communicative, excitable, enthusiastic, sociable, pleasure-seekers
Negative:  Dishonest, detached, amoral, lack of remorse, lack empathy, impulsive, undependable
Fears: Needing someone else despite being independent, That the inappropriate personality will show up during the wrong occasion,
When Mad:  Violent/nervous/anxious/hyperactive/confused, physical tantrums (kicking doors), racing thoughts, followed by a sense of calm
When Sad:  Silent/nervous, over think, easily distracted, intolerant of sadness so they tend to detach.
When Happy:  Less nervous, More stable sense of self/curious/productive, talkative, able to retain and recall facts, casual demeanor, increased urgency to communicate, giggling
When Nervous:  Restless/talkative/hyperactive, easily distracted, racing thoughts, giggling, rapid speech, insomnia, loud and more talkative inner monologue, chest discomfort
In Love: Looking for their true love, relationships usually grown from friendship to love, guard their freedom very strongly, love built on common interest and good conversation
With Money: Impulsive, Spendthrifts, Lose track of balances, But feel restricted by debt
Sister Sign: Sagittarius

♋ Cancer - The Crab Born between: June 21 - July 22

Archetypes: The Healer, The Psychic, The Mother, The Invisible Man, The Maiden, The Witch, The Counselor, The Seductress, The Psychologist
Positive:  Devoted, intuitive, instinctive, loyal, nurturing, focused, warm hearted, friendly, compassionate, creative, visual, decisive, considerate, protective
Negative: Subjective, guilt trippers, live in the past, unimaginative, introverted, worrisome, anxious, melancholy
Fears: A unstable home life/divorce, That their mood swings will negatively effect others and being unable to control them.
When Mad:  Anxious/isolated, verbal outbursts, trembling/sweating/shaking/tears, stomach pain/digestive discomfort, hard to express words
When Sad:  Tearful/needy, crying over little things, feel separated from others
When Happy:  Less co-dependent/indulgent, more stable sense of self/social, able to live in the present and control mood changes, increased feelings of love and contentment
When Nervous:  Tearful, catastrophic thinking, inability to stop distressing inner thoughts, drifts off/unable to focus, food cravings, self isolation while feeling needy/requiring reassurance, stomach cramps/nausea
In Love:  Take love seriously and are very sensitive to changes in relationships, enjoy planning for the future, intuitive to their partners feelings
With Money: Thrifty, Coupon Clippers, But overspend when unhappy
Sister Sign: Capricorn

♌ Leo - The Lion Born between: July 23 - August 22

Archetypes: The Protector, The Warrior, The Artist, The Actor, The Ruler, The King, The Performer, The Golden Child, The Healer, The Prophet, The Magician, The King, The Queen, The Guardian
Positive:  Confident, playful, energetic, seekers, warm, generous, leaders, receptive, sentimental, problem solvers, charismatic, confident, social, ambitious, compassionate, thoughtful
Negative:  Ego maniacal, vain, grandiose, narcissistic, dramatic, pleasure-seekers, assertive
Fears: People will grow tired of their theatrics and be criticized/rejected, Asking for help.
When Mad:  Temperamental/theatrical, dramatic displays of emotions (sobbing/screaming/hysteria), hostile/confrontational, hurtful language
When Sad:  Wound up/needy, verge of a nervous breakdown, short tempered
When Happy:  Less need for attention/theatrics, more self assured/rational/creative, decreased inner criticism
When Nervous:  Frustrated/hostile/impulsive, thoughts of martyrdom, binge eating/drinking, go out of their way to help, like to keep busy, back pain/stomach trouble
When in Love:  Very proud and boastful, love to show off their partner but will play it cool when confronted by the partner, happiest when in love, very high standards in a partner
With Money: Love to live large, Outgoing spending exceeds income, Often in debt
Sister Sign: Aquarius

♍ Virgo - The Virgin Born between: August 23 - September 22

Archetypes: The Healer, The Perfectionist, The Servant, The Analyst, The Alchemist, The Messenger, The Martyr, The Nature Spirit, The Naturopath
Positive:  Honest, kind, generous, orderly, nurturing, gentle, alert, reserved, rational, logical, moralistic, considerate
Negative:  Hypochondriac, guilt trippers, fussy, worrisome, perfectionism
Fears: Will be judged and treated differently if they are not fulfilling some use or purpose to those around them
When Mad:  Tremors/shaking, racing thoughts, increased compulsions, hyperactivity, uncharacteristic violence (breaking things), holds onto anger for long periods of time
When Sad:  Isolated/unresponsive, heightened compulsions, at times blunt/more oppositional
When Happy:  Less nervous/anxious/compulsive, more focus/idealistic/self assured, increased analytical processing, intensified urge to help others/reach out
When Nervous:  Restless/withdrawn/compulsive, need to be of use, pacing, digestive upset
In Love:  Prefer serene relationships and are embarrassed by heavy emotionalism, fit their lives around their partners, very nervous on first dates
With Money: Invest in the future, Not big on status symbols, Thrifty
Sister Sign: Pisces

♎ Libra - The Scales Born between: September 23 - October 22

Archetypes: The Lawyer, The Counselor, The Socialite, The Lover, The Peacemaker, The Creator, The Seductress, The Lover, The Flirt, The Minx, The Designer, The Mediator
Positive:  Intellectual, carefree, uplifting, stimulating, serene, kind, sensitive, compassionate, thoughtful, charismatic, social
Negative:  Hypocritical, dominate, procrastinator, noncommittal, codependent
Fears: Being alone forever/unloved, Others will see them emotional/vulnerable/in need of love/reassurance.
When Mad:  Nervous/detached/irrational/isolated, loss of emotional control, loud/verbally hostile, racing thoughts
When Sad:  Unstable/moody, reduced urge to socialize, feelings of hopelessness/being disliked, try to act happy/composed
When Happy:  Less anxious/irrational, more calm/decisive/social/charming/focused/creative/affectionate, reduced need for external validation/verbal outbursts, decreased urge for materialism
When Nervous:  Restless/distractable, inability to express emotions, unusually quiet, increased need for reassurance, insomnia, negative inner monologue, catastrophic thinking, stomach upset
In Love:  Feels incomplete without a mutually beneficial relationship, lives for love, looking for the right person
With Money: Spend now/Worry later, Give into all their wants, Shop as stress relief
Sister Sign: Aries

♏ Scorpio - The Scorpion Born between: October 23 - November 21

Archetypes: The Mystic, The Alchemist, The Detective, The Sorcerer, The Hypnotist, The Chemist, The Psychiatrist, The Witch, The Investigator, The Fortune Teller, The Guardian
Positive:  Intense, loyal, devoted, magnetic, planners, curious, knowledgeable, insightful, intuitive, charismatic, organized
Negative:  Self serving, exhausting, obsessive, retaliatory, jealous, dominant, moody, assertive
Fears: Being rejected/betrayed by someone they opened up to/shared a secret with
When Mad:  Hostile/confrontational, overwhelming feelings of rage and violence, lose touch with reality, delusions of being persecuted
When Sad:  Isolated/oppositional/hostile, violent mood swings, intense melancholy with delusions/paranoia
When Happy:  Less cynical/isolated, more tolerant/generous/curious/affectionate/inquisitive, able to consider new ideas without immediately rejecting them
When Nervous:  Hostile/controlling/obsessive/irrational, violent frustrations, rejection of others, flashbacks, maniacal focus
In Love: somewhat bipolar in relationships, either detached and mysterious or committed and generous, they either love you or hate you
With Money: Either extremely frugal or huge spenders, Will not let money control them, Dominate over their finances
Sister Sign: Taurus

♐ Sagittarius - The Centaur Born between: November 22 - December 21

Archetypes: The Wanderer, The Tourist, The Teacher, The Guide, The Philosopher, The Psychiatrist, The Student, The Benefactor, The Comedian, The Free Spirit
Positive:  Carefree, casual, enthusiastic, playful, respectful, charismatic, intelligent, social
Negative:  Tactless, unresponsive, irresponsible, patronizing, temperamental, pleasure-seeking, impulsive
Fears: Committing to someone and giving up their independence, that they will love/need someone more than they are loved/needed
When Mad:  Violently impulsive, verbally aggressive, hurtful, become tongue tied, inappropriate laughter, tend to make life changing decisions when mad
When Sad:  Lethargic, attempt to escape through substance abuse, uncharacteristically serious/tense, less tolerant
When Happy:  Less cynical/isolated, more tolerant/generous/curious/inquisitive/affectionate, able to consider new ideas without immediate rejection
When Nervous:  Impulsive/hostile/hyperactive/distracted, increase in vocal volume, try to repress emotions through physical activity, substance abuse, rapid thinking, giggling, back pain
In Love: Less skeptical, more focused/productive/tolerant/content, warm/friendly/humorous/casual, giggles
With Money: Spend on experiences not things, Love novelty items that do not provide long lasting enjoyment, Avoid debt so as not to be tied down
Sister Sign: Gemini

♑ Capricorn - The Goat Born between: December 22 - January 19

Archetypes: The Old Soul, The Administrator, The Judge, The Mentor, The Prime Minister, The Father, The Entrepreneur, The Banker, The Wizard
Positive:  Honest, devoted, generous, supportive, direct, meticulous, present, organized, methodical, responsible, considerate
Negative:  Dishonest, selfish, negligent, self-justifying, judgmental, worrisome, perfectionism, introverted
Fears: They will destroy everything and have no one to ask for help from, Disappointing others, That others will see them emotional/vulnerable/in need of love/reassurance
When Mad:  Exhaustion/isolation/shaking, compulsive behavior, clear expressions of frustration, verbal outbursts, loss of emotional control,
When Sad:  Lethargic/demotivated, over thinking and feelings of hopelessness, tense/hyper alert
When Happy:  Less controlling/anxious/isolated, more affectionate/humorous/positive, equal work and personal life balance
When Nervous:  Tense/hostile/isolated, over thinking, hyper focused, externally composed, tend to take on more work/responsibility, butterflies in the stomach
In Love:  Very big on family, it is hard to break down their walls, frees them from their critical/stoic nature
With Money: The sign of money, very adept with finances, Great negotiates, Know how to play the credit game
Sister Sign: Cancer

♒ Aquarius - The Water Bearer Born between: January 20 - February 18

Archetypes: The Revolutionary, The Scientist, The Eccentric, The Visionary, The Rebel, The Genius, The Outlaw, The Free Spirit, The Activist, The Inventor, The Alchemist, The Exile
Positive:  Unconventional, free, insightful, intelligent, creative, eccentric, intuitive, rational, social, charismatic, revolutionary
Negative:  Erratic, delusional, arrogant, bombastic, impulsive, pleasure-seeking
Fears: Isolation, that they will be unable to determine what is rational
When Mad:  Hyperactive, rapid thoughts and confusion with interpreting emotions, violent and volatile outbursts (both verbal and physical) followed by dissociation
When Sad:  Silent/isolated/uneasy/detached, harder to reach, try to appear happy
When Happy:  Less fixed in their way, more talkative/humorous/curious/insightful/affectionate/creative, increased malleability, able to sit with uncomfortable emotions, better sleep pattern
When Nervous:  Talkative/restless/confused, rapid speech, over thinking, insomnia, often feel anxious/nervous but do not know the cause as their minds and emotional responses are not connected, back pain
In Love:  Prefer friendship first, enjoy living apart, love is overwhelming and confusing, love being in love but need their freedom
With Money: Spendthrift with Cash, No concern for regular bills, Disgusted by big corporations and banks
Sister Sign: Leo

♓ Pisces - The Fish Born between: February 19 - March 20

Archetypes: The Mystic, The Dreamer, The Artist, The Poet, The Guide, The Guru, The Medic, The Healer, The Worshiper, The Creator, The Dancer, The Psychotic, The Addict, The Visionary
Positive:  Devoted, intuitive, spontaneous, mysterious, sensitive, sympathetic, nurturing, idealistic, affectionate, kind, relaxed, receptive, concerned, considerate
Negative:  Impossible, unrealistic, frustrating, interferer, elusive, passive aggressive
Fears: Loneliness, That people only pretend to like them, Rejection
When Mad: Anxious/irrational/dramatic/self isolating, overwhelmed by uncomfortable emotions, crying/yelling, loss of emotional control
When Sad:  Anxious/isolated/tearful, obsessive thinking, remember everything bad that has ever happened, crying over little things
When Happy:  Less anxious/nervous, more tolerant/creative/affectionate, increased sense of self and empathy, positive thinking/escapism, not oversleeping
When Nervous:  Tearful/irrational/hysterical, unable to change thought patterns, increased need for reassurance, catastrophic thinking, distressing inner monologue, substance abuse, digestive upset/nausea
In Love:  Wear rose-colored glasses about their loved ones, prone to self destructive relationships, don’t realize they can do better
With Money: Luxury buyers but stingy on the necessities, Worry about money a lot, Often very wealthy
Sister Sign: Virgo

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The Big LGBTQA* Film Masterpost


  • i really hope you enjoy this list, if any of the links are broken or you need subs feel free to ask and i’ll try to sort it out
  • please reblog if you like so more people can see this list.
  • light hearted/funny films are marked with a *
  • darker and or possibly triggering films are marked with a (TW).
  • for films i’ve seen i’ve tried to add trigger warnings to the best of my ability - the films i have seen are marked in bold. 
  • please send me an ask if any of the films i haven’t marked need trigger warnings - i’m going off the imdb pages alone for a few of them. i’ll be happy to add them
  • if you like the films to help support lgbtqa* film please buy the dvds/watch on netfilx or other on demand service if you have the means.
  • some of the links are on veehd. do not download the plugin on this site instead create an account on the site then load the video you want to watch this will bypass the site asking you to download the plugin.

Films with lesbian and bisexual women characters

  1. A Marine Story    (imdb)
  2. Affinity     (imdb)
  3. After Sex  *     (imdb)
  4. An Unexpected Love     (imdb)
  5. Amiee & Jaguar  (TW)     (imdb)
  6. April’s Shower *    (imdb)
  7. Better Than Chocolate      (imdb)
  8. Bloomington  cw: teacher/student relationship (imdb)
  9. The Bostonians      (imdb)
  10. Bound   (TW)    (imdb)
  11. Breaking The Girls (TW)     (imdb)
  12. Butterfly Kiss (TW)     (imdb)
  13. But I’m a Cheerleader *    (imdb)
  14. The Children’s Hour (TW)  (imdb)
  15. Chasing Amy(imdb)
  16. Circumstance (TW)     (imdb)
  17. Cracks(TW)    (imdb)
  18. D.E.B.S     (imdb)
  19. Desert Hearts     (imdb)
  20. Elena Undone    (imdb)
  21. Farewell, My Queen     (imdb)
  22. Femde Haut (TW) (imdb)
  23. Fingersmith (TW) tw: sexual assault Part 1    Part 2    (imdb)
  24. Fire (TW)    (imdb)
  25. The Four-Faced Liar *   (imdb)
  26. Fried Green Tomatoes   (imdb)  
  27. Ghosted    (imdb)
  28. Go Fish    (imdb)
  29. Gray Matters  (imdb)
  30. The Gymnast   (imdb)
  31. High Art (TW)  (imdb)
  32. I Can’t Think Straight   (imdb) 
  33. I, The Worst of All  (TW)   (imdb)
  34. If These Walls Could Talk 2    (imdb)
  35. Imagine Me and You * very funny comedy a must watch  (imdb) 
  36. In Her Line of Fire     (imdb)
  37. The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love * adorable and diverse romance, a must watch - my favourite lesbian film  (imdb)
  38. Itty Bitty Titty Committee       (imdb)
  39. Je te mangerais      (imdb)
  40. The Kids are All Right      (imdb)
  41. Kissing Jessica Stein (imdb)
  42. Kyss Mig (With Every Heartbeat)   (imdb)
  43. Lianna        (imdb)
  44. Lost and Delirious (TW)  (imdb)
  45. Love and Other Catastrophes     (imdb)
  46. Loving Annabelle (TW) Part 1    Part 2   Part 3     (imdb)
  47. Mädchen In Uniform (TW)      (imdb)
  48. My Summer of Love          (imdb)
  49. Mulholland Drive   (TW)    (imdb)
  50. The Night Watch (TW:)       (imdb)
  51. Nina’s Heavenly Delights     (imdb)
  52. Pariah   (imdb)
  53. Producing Adults     (imdb)
  54. Puccini for Beginners      (imdb)
  55. Red Doors     (imdb)
  56. Room In Rome  SUBS   (imdb) (no subbed version online download file them open subs in km player please ask if you have any problems)
  57. Running on Empty Dreams   (imdb)
  58. Saving Face * (UPLOAD)   SUBS  (imdb) an excellent film  Note: No copy of this film online with full subs, please download video and subs and then load the subs in KM Player or other video player - please send me an ask if you have any trouble.
  59. Show Me Love (Fucking Åmål)    (imdb)
  60. The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister   (imdb)
  61. Therese and Isabel      (imdb)
  62. Tipping The Velvet     (imdb)
  63. Water Lillies      (imdb)
  64. When Night Is Falling    (imdb)
  65. The World Unseen  (TW)    (imdb)
  66. Yes or No *    (imdb)

Films with gay and bisexual male characters

  1. A Home at the End of the World  (imdb)
  2. A Love To Hide tw: nazis  (imdb)
  3. Absent     (imdb)
  4. Adam & Steve * (imdb)
  5. A Single Man (TW) tw: suicide tw: death   (imdb)
  6. All Over The Guy  (imdb)
  7. Angels In America (TW)  (imdb)
  8. Another Country  (imdb)
  9. Bad Education (TW) tw: fascism tw: sexual assault  (imdb)
  10. Beautiful Thing *   (imdb)
  11. Beginners  tw: cancer tw: death  (imdb)
  12. Before Night Falls (TW)   (imdb)
  13. Bent  (TW) tw: homophobia tw: nazism tw: holocaust   (imdb)
  14. Beauty (TW) (imdb)
  15. Big Eden *   (imdb)
  16. The Birdcage * (imdb)
  17. Borstal Boy (TW)   (imdb)
  18. Boy Culture    (imdb)
  19. The Boys In the Band   (imdb)
  20. Brideshead Revisited     (imdb)
  21. Breakfast With Scot *  (imdb)
  22. Broderskab (Brotherhood) SUBS  (imdb) (TW) tw: racism tw: nazism tw: homophobia tw: violence An excellent film, not an easy watch but worth it all the same Note: No copy of this film online with full subs, please download video and subs and then load the subs in KM Player or other video player - please send me an ask if you have any trouble. 
  23. Brokeback Mountain tw: homophobic attack (imdb)
  24. Broken Hearts Club * (imdb)
  25. The Bubble  (imdb)
  26. Burnt Money (TW)(Spanish no subs)    (imdb)
  27. Christopher and His Kind (imdb)
  28. Clapham Junction (TW)   (imdb)
  29. Ciao     (imdb)
  30. Comme les autres    (imdb)
  31. C.R.A.Z.Y   (imdb)
  32. The Curiosity Of Chance *    (imdb)
  33. Defying Gravity (TW:)    (imdb)
  34. Dream Boy   (imdb)
  35. East Side Story    (imdb)
  36. Edge of Seventeen *   (imdb)
  37. En Kort En Lang *  (thank you to willgrahamcrackercrumbs for uploading this film) a very silly film, but a really enjoyable watch if not taken too seriously  (imdb)
  38. Eyes Wide Open   (imdb)
  39. Fighting Tommy Riley      (imdb)
  40. Fixing Frank (TW)    (imdb)
  41. Food of Love (imdb)
  42. Gayby *    (imdb)
  43. Get Real*    (imdb)
  44. Gods and Monsters     (imdb)
  45. Guys and Balls(imdb)
  46. Happy Together (TW) (imdb)
  47. Heartbeats (NEEDS SUBS) (imdb)
  48. Head On (imdb)
  49. Howl (TW) tw: mental illness/discussion of mental insititutions    (imdb)
  50. I Killed My Mother (J’ai tué ma mère)     (imdb)
  51. I Love You Phillip Morris *     (imdb)
  52. In & Out    (imdb)
  53. Is It Just Me? * (imdb)
  54. Jeffrey *   (imdb)
  55. Just A Question of Love (Juste une Question d’Amour) (imdb)
  56. Keep The Lights On (TW:) tw: drug abuse/addiction. one of my favourite gay films     (imdb)
  57. Latter Days (TW) tw: suicide    (imdb)
  58. Leo’s Room  (imdb)
  59. The Line of Beauty  Part 2  Part 3  (TW) (imdb)
  60. Little Ashes   (imdb)
  61. Longtime Companion  (TW)   (imdb)
  62. Loose Cannons   (imdb)
  63. Love In Thoughts (TW:(imdb)
  64. Mala Noche (TW)   (imdb)
  65. Mambo Italiano *   (imdb)
  66. The Man Who Loved Yngve    (imdb)
  67. Maurice * (excellent period drama)  (imdb)
  68. Mulligans    (imdb)
  69. My Beautiful Laundrette (imdb)
  70. My Own Private Idaho     (imdb)
  71. Mysterious Skin (TW)    (imdb)
  72. North Sea Texas   (imdb)
  73. Parting Glances (no online link) 
  74. Patrik Age 1.5 * (very funny and heartwarming)   (imdb)
  75. Pedro    (imdb)
  76. Philadelphia  (imdb)
  77. Plan B  (imdb)
  78. Priest (TW)  (imdb)
  79. Red Dirt  (imdb)
  80. Save Me (TW:)  (imdb)
  81. The Sex of the Angels (TW)   (imdb)
  82. Shelter * (again a must watch a great film)  (imdb)
  83. Sommersturm   (imdb)
  84. Stealth  (imdb)
  85. The String     (imdb)
  86. Straight-Jacket *   (imdb)
  87. Sum Of Us *    (imdb)
  88. Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train     (imdb)
  89. Toast *    (imdb)
  90. Torch Song Trilogy    (imdb)
  91. Total Eclipse (TW)     (imdb)
  92. Touch of Pink *    (imdb)
  93. Trick *     (imdb)
  94. The Trip    (imdb)
  95. Undertow (No Online Link)   (imdb)
  96. The War Boys (TW)     (imdb)
  97. The Wedding Banquet *   (imdb)
  98. Wedding Wars (imdb)
  99. Weekend * (a must watch in my opinion one of the best, probably the best gay movie)  (imdb)
  100. Were the World Mine *    (imdb)
  101. Wild Reeds    (imdb)
  102. Yossi and Jagger (TW:)     (imdb)
  103. Yossi   (imdb)
  104. You Should Meet My Son *     (imdb)

Films with transsexual, genderqueer, non binary or intersex characters 

  1. A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story  (TW:) (imdb)
  2. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert *    (imdb)  
  3. Albert Nobbs     (imdb)
  4. Beautiful Boxer  (imdb)
  5. Boys Don’t Cry (TW) tw: murder   (imdb)
  6. Breakfast on Pluto    (imdb)
  7. The Crying Game (TW)    (imdb)
  8. Different For Girls *    (imdb)
  9. En Soap  (imdb)
  10. Flawless     (imdb)
  11. Gun Hill Road   (imdb)
  12. Hedwig and the Angry Inch *   (imdb)
  13. Kinky Boots *    (imdb)
  14. Laurence Anyways    (imdb)
  15. M. Butterfly      (imdb)
  16. Ma Vie En Rose * (No online link - Avaliable on Netflix)  (imdb)
  17. Orlando     (imdb)
  18. Paris Is Burning  (imdb)
  19. The Rocky Horror Picture Show  (imdb)
  20. Romeos       (imdb)
  21. Solider’s Girl (TW)   tw: murder tw: violence (imdb)
  22. Southern Comfort  (TW) tw: cancer  (imdb)
  23. Tomboy       (imdb)
  24. To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar *   (imdb)
  25. Transamerica (TW)      (imdb)
  26. Venus Boysz       (imdb)
  27. Wild Side   (TW)  (imdb)
  28. XXY       (imdb)

Films with lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* characters

  1. Rent (film) Part 1   Part 2  tw: death  (imdb)
  2. Rent (filmed live on Broadway)  Part 1   Part 2 tw: death

LGBTQA* Interest

  1. Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema   (imdb)
  2. The Laramie Project  (imdb)
  3. Milk    (imdb) (TW) tw: suicide tw: homophbia
  4. The Celluloid Closet   (imdb)
  5. Prayers for Bobby  (imdb)
  6. The Times of Harvey Milk  (imdb)
  7. We Were Here (imdb)

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Can you make a list of good documentaries youve watched? (about anything). Or do you alredy have a tag for it?


click 2 watch (im gonna add more later)

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Hey! Made a compilation of the darkest corners of the internet.

  • Dionaea House: a horrifying story, told through two guys mail conversation, about how a haunted house
  • Page of Tedanother haunting story about a man’s experience in an uncharted cave
  • Castle of Spirits: a website with ghost stories, experiences and pictures. my mom banned me from going here because I used to freak myself out as a kid from this website
  • Deep Cave:man breaks scuba depth world record and finds the body of the last man to attempt it while down there. He makes plans to recover the body, but dies during the attempt. This is his website, as he left it, before he went on his last dive.
  • Reborn Baby Dolls: where you can buy dolls that look EXACTLY and feel EXACTLY like a newborn baby
  • Find a Gravea website where you can find the graves of ancestors or famous people, create virtual memorials, add ‘virtual flowers’ and a note to a loved one’s grave
  • This Man: a website about 1000’s of people all over the world, dreaming of the same man. Some say he’s the devil some say he’s god. 
  • Exit Mundi: a collection of end of the world scenario’s
  • Haunted Housewhere you can find any haunted house in the U.S
  • Truthism: an extremely wacko cult website about how reptilian aliens are responsible for everything wrong, how humanity is controlled by aliens and how the sun is a cube and that the inner Earth exists
  • The Jonestown Mass Suicide Death Tape: Trigger warning and you know why
  • Shaye Saint JohnThe story/myths behind Shaye Saint John is that she was a hot woman who was horribly disfigured in a car accident. As a result, she appears in public wearing this creepy mask, and hobbles along with prosthetic legs and hands. This is her website
  • SCP Foundation: collection of fictional works that its members contribute that deal with the “paranormal”. They range all the way from a television working without a broadcasting station, to deadly creatures that have never been encountered
  • Blog of Joseph E. Duncansentenced to death by a federal jury on August 27, 2008 for the kidnapping, of Dylan and Shasta Groene and murder of Dylan. He had been convicted of a sex crime years before. Go back to the beginning and read forward. You can trace his further descent into madness.
  • Annie96 is typing: a creepy chat between two teenagers that has a horrific twist at the end

Alright, I hope you enjoy. Maybe look through these one day at a sleep over with some friends. That would be fun.

And don’t worry. NONE of these are screamers. I wouldn’t do that. 

Speaking of sleepovers, here’s a masterpost of creepy sleep-over games

the shay saint john site has an audio message that autoplays so this is just a heads up in case that kind of thing startles you (especially if you have you volume on high!) 

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this is a really cute theme inspired by google chrome! it comes with four tabs, lots of color and image options as well as two different post size options. please like/reblog if you’re using this theme, i’d love to see how people customize it!

theme features:

  • 16 color options, 9 image options including background image, window background, and post background options. 7 toggle features including optional visible tags and captions.
  • two post size options, 250 and 400px, and lots of text input options that control things like the tab titles and dropbox titles.

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Hey tumblr, have you ever thought to yourself, “dang it’d sure be cool to set a project in something other than the current times,” but when you go to look up references on google, all you get is a horrible historical pastiche of days gone by?

Well boy howdy, do I have a reference for you!

The Wishbook Web has scans of entire consumer catalogs from past decades, ranging from the early 30s to the late 80s. Each catalog has pages upon pages of reference of clothing, accessories, and shoes for all ages, as well as toys, gadgets, and all sorts of junk that you might buy for yourself or your loved ones. While the website exclusively has Christmas catalogs, the photos and illustrations show products that you could use year-round.


I’d like to add on top of this that all of the issues of Life Magazine (1936-1972) are available via Google Books and they are just a wealth of photography, advertisement, culture, and history. There are just some really neat glimpses into history here, especially powerful when you browse through and you can see the issues leading up to wars, and then finally the first issue after a war begins—and you know what all is going to happen (I recommend the Dec. 22, 1941 issue, it’s such a strange mix of shocking reaction to news, propaganda, hope and advertisements that act like nothing’s going on).

It’s not like looking at a history book and just reading a timeline, it’s the reactions of real people at that time, in print. It’s so neat!